Meet the start-ups 

Digital collaboration for the forest sector, share and have control over your forest data

Desalination model that´s cheap, energy effective, safe to operate and has simple upkeep

Our vision is a flexible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly microwave-based solution for large-scale drying that promotes a globally accelerated transition to fossil-free wood production.

We develop and sell the cultivation solution of the future, the QS GreenBox. We are specialized in closed environment, automated cultivation technology for forestry seedlings. Our goal is to contribute to an efficient and sustainable production of forestry seedlings and to more high-quality plants being planted to mitigate climate change.

Reselo, we are producing a bio rubber from forest residue. With its high flexibility, hydrophobic character and resilience to aggressive conditions, Reselo Rubber is a real alternative to petrol-derived rubbers.

AirForestry thins forests in a completely new way, namely from the air. Through our innovative thinning, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions from forestry work while increasing the forest's ability to sequester carbon by freeling up 20% of forest land that is currently used for forestry access roads.

We create accelerated solutions for regenerative forestry, sustainable agriculture, and resilient ecosystems.

A collaboration of sustainability companies offering a wide range of sustainable environmentally focused solutions to a diversified client base.

An electrical boat that anyone can use, combined with an easy to use social platform. We offer the possibility to rent, rent out, and buy boats

Our Ground Fault Neutralizer earth fault protection system helps customers to handle their earth faults in the safest and least interrupting way by supplying the fastest and most selective earth fault protection available on the market today.

We provide comprehensive "large-landscape" forest management plans for some of the largest industrial landowners in California. It is our belief that in order to create an effective forest management plan, all constraints relating to the management of timber and other resources must be accounted for

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Gaia AI is an MIT and Harvard startup using drones, LiDAR, and computer vision to collect high-quality biomass data in forests, helping land owners, project developers, and investors understand the carbon stock and timber content of their land.