Organizer, SACC-SF/SV

​​​​​​​The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco & Silicon Valley (SACC-SF/SV) has a long and proud history as the leading facilitator of transatlantic trade and knowledge sharing between Sweden and Northern California.

The idea of the Forest Innovation Summit came to life during the terrible forest fires raging in our beautiful Bay Area in 2020. Bridging the gap between the Forestry industries in Sweden and the US first came to life in 2022, during the first edition of the Forest Innovation Summit, and we are now proud to introduce a Transatlantic version of the conference.

Partner, Seed2Exit

Seed2Exit is Silicon Valley LLC comprised of experienced management consultants working to support Startups in their Growth Stage.  Our team of global experts have at least 20+ years’ experience in Strategic Marketing and Alliances, Global Sales, Business Development and Operational Experience. We work with our clients to assess their current business model, to refine it and then execute on GTM based sales, marketing, and business development plan.  Our collective experience spans across dozens of Fortune 1000 companies and multiple Startups across different business verticals.  We have been part of success stories as well as several failures.  This “school of hard knocks” has given us the insights and business acumen to help our business founders reach their goals.