Forest Innovation Summit 2022

13-14 October 2022 in the
​​​​​​​San Francisco Bay Area

A First-Of-Its-Kind Forest Innovation Summit organized by Global:SF and The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco & Silicon Valley, hosted at the offices of DLA Piper, Mission Street 555

Creating a dialogue between Swedish and Californian forestry sectors to share new and existing innovations,
​​​​​​​as seen from environmental, social, and political outfits.

California and Sweden are homes to some of the world's largest forest industries.

Sales from primary forest products in California average around USD $1.5B/year.(1) Similarly, Swedish exports of timber products generate a revenue of around USD $17B/year placing them number 3 of the world's leading exporters of timber and timber products.(2)

Although both California and Sweden enjoy a flourishing forest industry they are both faced with great challenges that require continuous development and quick adaption of new technologies.

A First-Of-Its-Kind Forest Summit to Bridge Sweden and California

With the Forest Innovation Summit, we will build a bridge between the Swedish and Californian Forest sectors to inspire a dialogue with the potential to influence the future direction of forestry. With Sweden being one of the world's leading innovators in forest technology and California, home to the most disruptive technology scene in the world, the summit will provide a unique opportunity for the sharing of knowledge, expertise and innovation.
Aerial view of forestAerial view of forest

California is known to be plagued by extensive bush and wildfires on a yearly basis.

The dry and windy climate renders the Californian forest greatly susceptible to the escalation of this yearly trend and something that has instilled great concerns among residents and policymakers. 
In a response to these and many more risks surrounding Californian and Swedish forestry, this summit was created.

We are incredibly proud to be able to present a broad list of competent and experienced professionals and researchers within the industry, see the full list here!