The Team

SACC-SF/SV & Global:SF

Mats Andersson

​​​​​​​Executive Director,

Darlene Chiu Bryant

Executive Director, Global:SF

Vincent Damron

​​​​​​​Forest Innovation Intern, SACC-SF/SV

Laura Jenkins

​​​​​​​Director of Partnerships, Global:SF

Juliana Kalling

​​​​​​​Web Development Intern, SACC-SF/SV

Karin Lindqvist

​​​​​​​Business Development Intern, SACC-SF/SV

Alexis Roberts

Program Intern, Global:SF

Seamus Gildner

Program Intern, Global:SF

Advisory Committee

Dan Adler

Senior Advisor for Climate Finance, Governors Office of Business and Economic Development at State of California

Pelle Berglund

Business Advisor, Bizmaker

Sally Collins

Natural Resources Consultant, Rights and Resources Group

Zach Knight

Co-Founder & CEO,
​​​​​​​Blue Forest

Tara O'Shea

Director of Forest Programs, Planet

Phil Saksa

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, Blue Forest

Magnus Thor

Director Research and Innovation, Skogforsk