Sally Collins

Natural Resources Consultant, Rights and Resources Group

Sally is currently working with RRI to help the largest forested countries of the world establish secure tenure arrangements and laws for their forested estates. 

For 17 years she has served as Co-Chair of Megaflorestais, an organization established to informally connect the top forest leaders in the world. 

The group has collectively shared and advanced issues around climate change, deforestation, illegal logging, carbon, and associated markets and tenure/governance issues fundamental to forest protection and poverty alleviation. They have held in-country workshops on every continent in the world.

Sally is the author of four publications on the international forestry for Rights and Resources Initiative.

As a consultant, Sally has worked for Duke University developing an on-line guide for federal agencies in the development of new and innovative markets for water, carbon, and biodiversity.

For the Nature Conservancy, she co-authored a much-referenced publication called “Climate-Friendly Land Management Policies.” And for Forest Trends she contributed to the “2016 State of Private Investment in Conservation” report.