The Summit

This 2-day Forest Innovation Summit will connect Sweden, a global innovator in forestry and environmental stewardship, with California, home to the world’s most transformative technology ecosystem, to build knowledge, collaboration, and solutions.

The summit will include expert speakers, panel discussions, startup pitches, an exhibition of innovation, investor speed dating, 1:1 matchmaking, several networking sessions, and two evening receptions. The main focus areas will include discussions and technologies related to forest management, fire mitigation, forest conservation finance, and forest bio-economy. 

Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed $1 billion investment in forest health and community fire resilience in 2021 signals a bold commitment by the State of California.(1) Forests provide essential ecosystem, climate, and economic benefits, and innovation is required to ensure resilience over the next century. California (USD $1.5B/year) and Sweden (USD $17B/year) are home to some of the world’s largest forest industries as well as leading-edge technologies and science-based solutions to address wildfires and shape the future of forestry.(2,3) 

​​​​​​​The Forest Innovation Summit will convene policymakers, industry partners, and scientists to advance sustainability and innovation and highlight leading solutions.
  • Focus areas will include Forest Management and Fire Mitigation, Forest Bio Economy and Innovation, and Forest Conservation Finance 
  • The summit will bring together policymakers, innovators, researchers, and industry stakeholders for multilateral exchange of knowledge
  • Aims to create a bridge between Californian and Swedish forest innovation and facilitate a continued synergy between the public and private sectors of the forest industry

Why Are We Organizing this Summit?

To create a dialogue between Public and Private Sectors
To create a unique opportunity for networking
To exchange ideas on developments in forest technology
To provide a chance to work together for a sustainable future

The development of a sustainable forest and forest industry begins with collaboration and innovation.

We are very excited to facilitate this first-of-its-kind Forest Innovation Summit. The topic of sustainable forests has increased over the years in both the public and private sectors. A sharp increase in ESG investments with a focus on sustainable forests can be seen in corporations worldwide.(4) We believe that this Summit has the potential of accelerating awareness and assisting our forests in healthy and fruitful growth.
Chart with Columns showing investments in Environmental SustainabilityChart with Columns showing investments in Environmental Sustainability