Flox robotics

FLOX Robotics provides autonomous solutions to resolve human-wildlife conflicts. By combining cutting-edge technology with expertise in machine learning, robotics, and animal science, FLOX aims to revolutionize the way humans and wildlife coexist in shared landscapes.

As a deep tech, climate tech company, FLOX is building the world's first autonomous wildlife management as a service so that we can coexist with wildlife while producing enough food for the rising global population, increasing tree production and avoiding deadly collisions. FLOX is like a futuristic sheepdog, acting as an invisible fence that comes alive and guides wildlife without cages, interruptions nor guns, so humans and animals can thrive.

Customers include the Swedish Board of Agriculture, Sweden’s biggest airport operator Swedavia, Swedish Transport Agency, and Boliden Minerals, and Silver Creek Farms, Washington state,  United States.  FLOX is a spinoff from research in robotics and AI at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and has grown to 7 full-time employees since the start in late 2020.

More info at: FLOX Robotics website and at FLOX Robotics: LinkedIn overview.