Phoenix Energy

Phoenix Energy has been avoiding, removing, and sequestering carbon through its work in California forests since 2010. We build, own, and operate community-scale carbon removal plants in the Sierra Mountains that produce energy and biochar as well as provide jobs in some of the State’s hardest hit communities.

Phoenix Energy is one of the only companies to have gone from concept to kilowatt multiple times with a proven business model. Having just completed a 2MW project in the Sierra National Forest we are now working to close financing on a 3MW plant at the intersection of the Stanislaus and Eldorado National Forests. Phoenix has an aggressive, but achievable goal to build and operate 50 new plants in the next 10 years, leading to 2 Gigatons of CO2 removed by 2032. These community-scale plants will be designed to leverage a best-of-breed operations hub, utilizing data and analytics to gain economies of scale and operational efficiencies across the network.