Justin dawe

Founder & CEO ​​​​​​​of Earth Force 
“The wildfire crisis is forcing a reinvention of how humanity manages forests. Forest fires now cause annual economic losses greater than the value of the entire wood products industry. As a result, the who, what, when, where, why, and how of forestry and landscape management are all under incredible pressure to change​​​​​​​”

Justin Dawe

Founder & CEO of Earth Force 
Justin is the founder & CEO of Earth Force, a technology company focused on scalable wildfire prevention and forest restoration. Earth Force utilizes field-based sensors and computation to provide real-time guidance to forestry operators. The company is involved in several of the largest forest resilience projects in the western United States. Justin has worked in the climate sector for over 20 years, at organizations ranging from tech startups to large energy incumbents to NGOs. He earned his BS and MS in systems engineering from Stanford, and an MBA from Harvard. His secret identity is that he grew up in a 1 room house at the beach in Hawaii, which is where his interest in climate and sustainability got started.